[NSFW] The Missing Links: Sex Work and Community Service [NSFW]

13 May


What’s been on my mind lately?  Skating and sex.  I’ve already posted a bunch of skating stuff lately, so . . . how bout that sex, eh?

Well, okay.  Here you go, but don’t eat it all in one place.  And probably not at work either.

Hook is an online magazine for, by, and about men working in the sex industry, but it’s pretty interesting reading for anyone interested.  http://hookonline.org/program/default.htm

The Center for Sex and Culture is a great place to get information about sex, gender, and health issues.  They have a library and commonly hold events to educate the public.       http://www.sexandculture.org/

The St. James Infirmary provides “compassionate and non-judgmental healthcare and social services” for sex workers.  http://stjamesinfirmary.org/

Karma Pervs is porn actor/actress Jiz Lee’s fundraising effort, whereby every month they post exclusive pics and/or art.  (Though I’ve never actually seen it, I’m told that my eldest daughter has some artwork on the site.)  http://jizlee.com/wordpress/membership/

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