Done Got (More) Religion

5 Jan

Crash Course in Enlightenment:

The fastest way to a physical understanding of the Taoist concept of wu-wei, is to put very hard wheels beneath your feet, and then drop into a complicated bowl, park, or pool.  A line artist, in such circumstances, will find her illusion of control replaced by a true enlightenment about the nature of the park.  She cannot make plans or even decisions about her actions, and instead must rely on the spontaneous independent action that arises from the real-time interaction between herself and the environment.

Neophyte line artists experience this interaction in large time scales — second by second — and The Way will likely be obscured by ego-noise and distractions.  A more advanced line artists, however, operates on a finer scale of microseconds between input information and output “reaction” information.  As the line artist increases in skill, the time scale gets smaller and faster, so fast in fact, that there is not enough time for electrical impulses to travel from her limbs to her brain and back again.  Therefore, the brain is bypassed, and the body acts alone.  The line artist becomes a master when the time between input information and output information collapses to zero.

If enlightenment is not induced after the first drop, try harder wheels, more complicated parks, tighter transitions, more speed, and/or more height.  Sacrificing your own pain and blood may also help.

The Wheel:
The wheel is a manmade image of the INFINITE TRANSITION.  However, worshipers of the wheel have confused the landscape with the map.

The Skatepark:
Skateparks pay homage to the INFINITE TRANSITION: graven images of concrete, metal, and wood.  However, worshipers of the skatepark have confused the idol with the god.

The fabric of spacetime mimics the INFINITE TRANSITION in countless curves, dips, and bumps.  However, worshipers of spacetime, have confused the works with the worker.

The INFINITE TRANSITION, itself, is the PRIMUM MOVENS.  By rolling the PRIMUM MOVENS one relinquishes control and rolls the path of infinite potential, differentiation, and spontaneous independent action.

Taoists call it “The Way,” and Hindus call it “Dharma,” but it’s all just a good sesh on the edge of the infinite.


The INFINITE Skatepark:

The line artist creates beauty in a skatepark, by working with the structure of the skatepark, not by forcing her will upon it.  The size, shape, orientation, and composition of the transitions in a certain skatepark define the potential field of that park.  The transitions are a map to the places where kinetic energy becomes potential energy and vice versa.  It is the line artist’s joy to find paths through this potential field, converting energy in a seamless dance that is also a journey and an act of praise.

The potential field of the INFINITE TRANSITION is not infinite at every point.  If it were, the derivative at all points would be zero, and nothing would ever change.  We observe from the world around us, that this is not so.  However, the domain of the INFINITE TRANSITION contains all points from negative infinity to infinity, and the output range is similarly unbounded and continuous at all points.  The output, while not being infinite at all points, is constantly changing depending on the observer, and is capable of infinite output at all points.  Therefore, the line artist of the INFINITE TRANSITION finds joy in creating paths through a potential field that is her own creation.

Take a moment to contemplate this ecstasy.  The line artist of the INFINITE TRANSITION skates an infinitely large park that she is in the process of creating.  She understands that the structure of the things she has created before will inform the structure of the things she has yet to create, but recognizes that she is free to create anything at any moment.  Park and artist are a feedback loop of infinite potential, differentiation, and spontaneous independent action.

Call it Samadhi.  Call it enlightenment.  Divine guidance.  The name is unimportant.  Live in that moment.

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