Creating Your Own Skateless Potential Fields

15 Jan

The potential field in a skatepark is easy to understand;  it is physical and unchanging, cast in concrete and coping.  Finding the potential field of an urban plaza, however, is more difficult, and creating your own potential field on flat ground requires a great deal of creativity and confidence.  The creativity used in flat ground work will determine the refinement and interest of the output line, as the potential field must be wholly conjured from the line artist’s mind.  However, the confidence required to create a potential field from nothing, to live in it and skate it and to truly believe in it, borders on the fanatical confidence of blind faith.

Think of the first bank and pool riders.  Even they, with their radical redefinition of the urban environment, did not create wholesale new ideas from nothing.  They had the template of surfing to build upon, and they had the environment to interpret.  Jamskaters have their music.  The structure of these outside influences guides the line artist.  The purest magic requires stillness and silence and isolation from outside influences.

The line artist, the magician, the medicine woman, knows this.  They create potential fields without the assistance of outside influences, and therefore are capable of redefining even consensual reality.  The rest of us just muddle through a world defined by them, never realizing that we are the shapers of that world, just as much as the world shapes us.  We are in a feedback loop with our environment, a loop of infinite potential, differentiation, and spontaneous independent action, just waiting for the barest hint of one of those inputs.

Some say that in 1979, Saint Mullen of Rodney inscribed the image of God into a potential field in Oceanside, California, though very few of the witnesses to this miracle understood what they had seen.  Those who stood in judgement on that day did not understand what they had witnessed, though they knew enough to honor him with sacrifices.  But even Saint Mullen at least had his board.  

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