Published Work

Published Work and Book Covers:

“Memoria Technica” _Writer’s of the Future_ Vol. XVIII,  (second place, 4th quarter, 2001):   A boy gets a Luv-o-lux counter-top DNA lab for his birthday, but what he grows inside the puppy machine is not exactly “as advertised.”  Order at:

“A Grand Unified Theory of Mind”, _Polyphony_ Vol. III, (fall 2003):  What if the long sought after theory of everything were a memetic disease, capable of spreading like an information plague?  Order at:

“Borrowed Time”, _Robots and Time_, (winter 2005):  In a future where everyone lives online, one man hacks his way into a time traveling device and discovers that his world is draining the past of resources, one prematurely abbreviated time-line at a time.  Order at:

“Throwing Birds at the Sky” _Fundamentally Challenged_, (fall 2004): The Kadar are coming to test and purify humanity, but what exactly is the test, and what do these strange aliens consider pure?  (I don’t think this audio antho is still available.  Contact me if you know otherwise.)

“Amid Disquieting Dreams” _Cthulhurotica_, (Dec 2010): Jim can’t tell the dreams from reality anymore, and maybe there isn’t a difference after all.

“The Innocence of Abigail Paddleford” _Sex and Murder Magazine vol. 17_ (Feb 2011): Abigail Paddleford was fifteen when she disappeared, and I was the only one who saw her go.  I’ve been chasing her ever since.

“Rabbit Habit,” _Criminal Class Review_: Doing meth is like an abusive relationship.  I’m always trying to prove my devotion through my debasement, to show how much I’ll endure for that perfect high octane love, and the dope never cares.

best new writing cover

“Taking Vicky,” _Best New Writing 2012_: Mr. Bob is going to kidnap Vicky today, and Vicky can’t wait.

Also: “Hobbits in the Mosh Pit” (with Leslie What) SFWA Bulletin Winter 2002: An interview with the speedmetal band, Bloodhag.

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